Sunday, October 23, 2005

Update time finally...errr sort of .....!

A dear co-worker is leaving so I filled this clip-art stitched tote bag with a few things to show how much I care. Since I can't find the patch cord for the camera right now, I'll have to update this entry a little later....
I finally took Legolas out to work on him, only to find that his floss bag is missing. I'm telling you people, Legolas is being a pain in my backside! He's doing it on purpose! At the moment he's the oldest of my WIPS. Must be in cohoots(sp) with my cats....they seem to be trying to rearrange items by knocking them on the floor and pushing them about....especially into the middle of my walkspaces......Here's the pendant I picked up for her, I took the picture the morning of the party so I wasn't able to check if it was blurred or not, sorry. It's two intertwinging dragons. I also got her a string of amber but of course, didn't take a photo of it.
I didn't finish this off for her, instead I left a note in the baggie that held this to send me a picture when she figures out how she wants to finish it. This is the only picture I got of the gifts we gave her. Kate's Roses and a giggling turtle!
and last but not least! Kate's turtle cake! I know, doesn't really show up does it? Good Luck Kate! Keep up the mischief! You'll have the Weasley twins hiring you any day now!


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