Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bike Run

Started out on the toys for tots run (it was through the shipyard and according to the "pep talk" they've been doing this for 5 decades, and was focusing on the orphanages this year.) with fairly decent weather, but the rain hit us about mid-way or so. I'm horrible with geography, miles, directions etc. But a bit past ossippi(or somewheres about), NH, my group decided it was time to split and head back home instead of continuing to Loon mountain. I'm a little disappointed, never been there. Stopping at the diner was nice though. Oh well, by the time I got back to my friend's house, I was drenched through and through! Now I'm just tired, sore and feeling a bit icky after being out in this and the nice hot shower I took didn't seem to help it much. Oh well. Kudos to the members in my group (if you're reading this then more and likely you'll know who you are :D ) who showed up and joined the crowd, even though they had no clue where they were or where they were headed. Takes guts to do that, or a very good cause.

If I feel up to it, I'll post the picture for Rock Star in Training later, I barely have the initiative to type this. But it is finished.


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