Saturday, December 23, 2006

update on stitching

Here is the last four squares for the Disney Ladies quilt I promised OECS. I'm not fond of how Cinderella came out, but it completes the set.
Here is a celtic heart knotwork, done for the Scottish sector of OECS for a Scottish Themed quilt. I wish you guys could see this in person! This knotwork is done in three shades of green and the medium shade I used just gives it an extra dimension.
Here's another Celtic knotwork for the Scottish themed quilt. Didn't like stitching this one. Drove me up the wall.

And yet another square for a scottish themed quilt. This is from a fragment of a poem by Robert Burns. There's actually two scottish themed quilts being done up at the moment. The response to such a quilt from both stitchers and one of the nursing homes was overwhelming. (the scottish co-ordinator gave out one quilt at one of her nursing homes and the other patients were a bit jealous till she told them that others were being made and named a few themes and the Scottish one had quite a few interested.)

I've actually gotten more done since my last post but blogger only allows a certian amount of pictures per post. Hopefully I can get some more pictures in tomorrow.

I can't believe that I'm actually going to put this in print, but this is Maine, and we have no snow for Christmas! We had a downpour most of the day, the grass is green, the sun is out. The nights are FRIGID. I just hope we don't get dumped on later and that it'll get cold enough to kill all those warm weather pests so summer will be pleasant.

Won't bore you with the same old details but I'm still alive and kickin' as my gran always told us to tell people who asked about her.

Currently Stitching: Dune Scene
Currently reading: Traitor of St. Giles by Michael Jecks


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