Monday, September 19, 2005

Celtic Christmas Update

First of all thank-you so much Carol and Jenn, your advice was well appreciated, and may have helped in turning the old mind back on. (Read on for explanation) Jenn, I did check the tiag website the only Celtic lady on the errors page is for Celtic Summer.

I have found where I made the mistake on Saturday evening and it galls me to no end that I spent 2 days trying to figure this out. (and lost an evening of stitching) At the moment my head really hurts with trying to figure out this puzzle. It is supposed to be Fairy Flora's turn in the rotation, but I couldn't let this pass. Good thing. Bear with me here, this is a good one, I was ranting to DH about not finding anything wrong and trying to verbally figure a way to fudge the thing, had an idea, looked at graph to see if it may work and found out that for the last two days my mind had completely shut down. Must have. It was a very blatently obvious mistake. I was counting out four stitches when the pattern called for 5, but I could've sworn it had four squares. I feel like such a goof-ball.

Fairy Flora is now on the floor stand waiting for me to calm down. There is no way I'm stitching at the moment, with my luck I'll mess up somewhere and it would be harder at this point to find a mistake on her.


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