Sunday, November 25, 2007

Finishes for Thanksgiving off

This litttle cutie is from Charles Craft, the light blue krienik is not really visiable, but then again, I know where to look. In his hand is a glittery snowflake.
Here is Magnolia by Gloria and Pat Inc. Sixth in the set that I promised for an OECS quilt.
Got about a quarter or more done on the 7th square.

This framed piece actually came back into my possion a few weeks ago and only got around to photographing it this evening. Good thing too.... it's going to it's new owners in another week or two. All three of these were designed by Vermillion Stitchery from her Fantasy Bear series.

And finally, replacing Fairy Flora on my floorstand is Grape Gatherer by Solaria Gallery. This is a very old WIP, coming back to this last update (from webshots) it looks like I'll be posting another one there within the week or so, there's been a bit done since this was taken. A little slower going, one since it's a darker material than I'm used to and that it has more colours than FF did. (Not to mention trying to bypass and "cover up" mistakes made since I believe I started this sooner than I should have especially on a first attempt on a dark material.)

Survived Thanksgiving one more year. I'll bypass the work issue it's not been fun with certian people as of late, I'm still fuming over today's incident...'nuff said.

Thanks for the comments on the Fairy Flora finish. After her the top two finishes in this post seemed quite dull in comparison. Barbara, the reason my knees and back killed more than usual in the beading is due to how I had to hold the framework. While sitting on some tupperware containers, I had my feet on the rungs to my bar stool with the frame balanced on my legs.
What I'm reading: Where White Men Fear to Tread by Russell Means
What I'm listening to: Sick Puppies


Blogger Barbara said...

Aha. I was wondering how you could've hurt your knees ... ;)

Great stitching - the Grape Gatherer looks incredibly challenging. Good luck!

Monday, November 26, 2007 4:59:00 AM  

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