Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pooh Quilt Squares are done

Here's the first four I completed. A pooh, two eeyore (my personal fave) and a very happy piglett.
And here's the last four with the chartiy logo square. We have pooh with his honey jar, two tiggers and a piglett. I sent them

I've been very busy with work, trying to get some charity events in and about two weeks ago I threw my back out of wack. Just getting it back on easy terms with it at the moment. And I havent had the urge to use the computer that much. Thinking of you all. Hopefully when things slow down a bit I can go back to visiting some of your blogs.

As you can see I've been very dilagent in stitching out the squares for this quilt. I'll be taking a break from the charity squares for the next two weeks and work on a few other things I have yelling at me from the to do pile.

Went to Crescent Beach the other day with a friend of mine and his son. We had fun though the surf was rough and a bit strong. I gave up playing in the waves when one threw me down into the water and the next wave wouldn't let me up. But it wasn't too hot and the breeze was mild and slightly warm though after being soaked it seemed a bit cool as well. The seagulls were in full form. We had one big bully guarding the area where we had placed our blanket. Kept chasing off the other birds. I even saw my first Black-backed gull, and I think some of the gulls might have been terns but I haven't checked any sites yet to know for sure or not.