Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall Leaves

This is one of many designs by My Aunt's Attic (aka Tantas Zolder) I'm in mind of using this for a bookmark, but using the sticky felt made it difficult in sewing on the binding. Anyone have any other ideas on how to make bookmarks with out too much confusion. (I can confuse myself with very little help from others)

Here is yet another cute little bear destined to OECS for a Teddy Quilt. In fact he and the honey bear that I had in my last post are going to the same quilt

And of course last but not least.....another update on Fairy Flora. The wing behind her head is just about done, just have a few stitches left for one of the veins. I'm so glad that I can now work on the flower buds, getting a bit sick and tired of blending the filament.

As for day to day stuff.. not much happening at all. Just the usual.

What I'm reading: The Holy Thief by Ellis Peters

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Honey Bee Bear

I've finally gotten off my duff and stitched this cute little bear for OECS. Don't know who designed him but he is cute.
Here's another square that was stitched for OECS designed by Maria Diaz. It's even brighter in real life, I thought I was going to go cross-eyed.
Here is the latest installment of the Fairy Flora saga. I've just found the the top of the design area with a couple of stitches on her wing that's behind her.

I ment to post last week but was waiting for details on how the Toy Drive went in Sanford last Saturday. Found out that this was the best year yet since putting on the drive and that we made over 3000 dollars! Surprised doesn't even begin to cover it. I left shortly before noon and it was only 500. During the meeting this past sunday we made notes for next year. Me I got sunburnt again during this drive, but who would've thought about putting on sunblock in October when it had only been about 65 degrees without wind. Was quite tired by the time DH and I left, but then again......I had all rights to be. I was sent out to the corner with two flags to dance with the hopes of bringing in more money. (No this was not my idea).

This past weekend I felt very short at work. There was a convention held at the hotel for a group of Beanstalks (a club for tall people). The tallest person there was 7 foot 4 inches! The majority of the maids is about 5'4".

Last Monday was the last offical day for our foreign workers, so we had a pizza party with cake. Between the tears and hugs there ended up a huge cake and icing fight. Luckily I didn't get much on me, but you would've definatly looked at us a bit strangly if you'd walked into the ladies room while trying to wipe icing off of uniforms and out of hair. We had two who were patriotic, they had the red hair, with blue and white frosting. And to make a note for the future....coloured icing does not do wonders for the nose, gives a whole new meaning to the words...seeing a rainbow, and that frosting and sweat don't mix. Not sure which was more disturbing.....hearing this or being the witness to most of it. But we had fun!

What I'm reading: The Summer of the Danes by Ellis Peters
What I'm listening to: Cruxshadows

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wings are still a bit tattered

Once again FF, I've barely worked on any other project. This was taken just before I scrolled down, I will be stitching the border along with the little bit of outlining after all the basic stitching is completed. I had thought of posting an update on Tuesday night, but didn't think I'd gotten much done on her, boy was I wrong!

On life in general..... can we say tourist season has not ended? Just when we thought we could breathe easier the tour buses start rolling in for lighthouse tours, foliage tours and I don't know what other tours, and that's not counting the walk-ins from concert goers. Been hectic and busy.

As for this weekend, I got really lucky and can attend both events for Rolling Thunder. Saturday's being the toy drive (see last post if interested) and on Sunday, there's a muesum that the group is going to up the coast (can't for the life of me remember the town's name or anything) and it will be pure enjoyment with nothing expected of us.

Barbara, if you see this in time, if your mom can make it to the drive on Saturday, have her look for me, I'd love to say hi. (since you mentioned she's in the group, I may already know her, but I'm not sure who has children and who doesn't etc. I'm still trying to remember names and faces for the last 8 members or so) I'm the only Amanda in the group, so it should be fairly easy to find me.

Thank-you to everyone who commented, I'm feeling really bad that I've not found time to read your blogs as of yet, but I'm hoping things will slow down soon. I need alot of me time as of late. Though I am glad that you all haven't given up on me. Hugs to you all!

Currently reading: The Heretic's Apprentice by Ellis Peters
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