Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm still here!

Here is Tales of Wonder by Dragon Dreams all framed up. This one will end up under the tree for a wonderful little boy. I hope he likes it. Each of these three framed pieces were done by a friend of mine's mother. I think she did a wonderful job!And this was actually stitched last year, and only now got around to having it framed. This is Poinsetta once a Freebie from Kitty and Me. In a few weeks she'll have a new home at a friend's house.
And of course here's Coffee is Magic also by Dragon Dreams.
And here's what I've been up to stitching wise. Below you will find Lady from Lady and the Tramp along with Tinkerbell. These two are for the Disney Quilt I promised OECS this past summer. Six down two to go then the logo square and giftcard. My goal is to have the whole set in the mail before the new year.
Here is another Cat mini. This one is a Black Scottish-Fold. Ugly little thing ain't he?

As for updates about me and mine, things are looking good family wise. Everyone is as healthy as can be expected for this time of year. Me I've had a good night's sleep last night since I pulled a few muscles in my shoulder Saturday afternoon. I've done it before a few years ago, it's not fun. It's especially difficult to do neck rolls or shoulder rolls to loosen anything up. But it's eased up alot in the last 24 hours. Hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way, all those christmas cards have to be sent, last minute christmas gifts. I'm a certified procrastinator. These will probably all go out in the mail a week before christmas.

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Currently stitching: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Monday, November 13, 2006

Brief update

First of all I'd like to show you all some quilts that were recently done up by the OECS quilter (Kim) that includes some of the squares I've stitched.

In this general themed quilt I have two. The panda Bear and the the chick with the tea cup.

In this one I only have the basket of hearts. (middle of first row, it is a little hard to see)
And last but not least... here's the Pooh Quilt! In case someone is new to reading this blog I suggested this theme and stitched all the squares including the logo. I just love how Kim put this quilt together.

And here's a few squares I've been working on in between the fabric quilt squares. All three of the above are cats. In order from the top are : white scottish-fold, bicolor;black Maine Coon, and a Russian Blue. The Scottish fold is a bit hard to see white on white, but there is no out-lining mentioned for these mini's. Just a bit for eyes and maybe the nose and mouth. Any ideas on outlining some of these white cats? The patterns I'm using have many breeds and some have about 4 or 5 differant colourings for each breed and many are white.

and here are two Ballerina's. Got them as a freebie from one of the British Cross Stitch mags I picked up a few months ago. They were a consulation gift since they weren't allowed to send the free gift intended over here. There's five total and I will be stitching them all and sending them to OECS for a ballerina quilt.

Not much to update. It's the same ol thing just a differant day. Gram is sick again. It seems like things are "attacking" her all at once. The rain and damp aren't doing me any favors but I'll not depress you any with those rantings. It's winter and my joints are older than me that's all I'll say.

Saturday was Veteran's Day and Rolling Thunder helped organize the ceremony in Sanford. Not a bad turn out. Much better than last year, and a lot warmer as well. Last estimate I got was over 200 people. But since I didn't get to the meeting yesterday I'm not sure if there was a more accurate number given. Next month at the meeting we will be having our last toy collection and donations for our veteran's.

Thanks for the well wishes and compliments.

Lili, I don't think I'm that good of a sewer. If you could see the backs of these blocks or a good look at the edges you wouldn't agree either. But at least you can't see through the stitches and they hold together pretty good.

You see, I hand stitch the quilt squares and the two panels for the top piece and machine sew the center line. DH actually does the rest. I help sandwich the layers and he stitches them together and births the quilt, I tuck and pin the bottom and he sews it shut then I tie the quilt. So you take your own tally on who actually makes the quilt. So far I have 4 more squares to cut and sew, and one more that needs to be made. I'm seriously debating on wether or not to finish the last four and save that one for next year, and give only four hand made quilts and a few ornies to the nursing home and one of those no sew blankets as well. I'm hoping to stay in touch with my quilting side from now on and interspace the cross-stitch with some fabric quilts to donate each year to the nursing home. Maybe then I won't get burnt out on cross-stitch again or quilting.

Monday, November 06, 2006

a few more quilts

Here is a quilt top that I made for myself. The pattern is Jacob's Ladder. If you look closely amoungst the flowers you will see dragonflies darting about. I purposely made sure I didn't center any of the dragonflies, the darting or hide and seek look was what I was after. And believe it or not but there are a few blocks in the quilt that do have a dragon fly in full view.

Here is Puss 'N The Corner, though since I didn't use any spacers it more resembles a nine patch.And last but not least is the Lynn Nicoletti bears quilt. This was made for a lovely lady in the Shrewsbury, England area. The squares I stitched are: first row last on right, third row first and second. I believe it was two other ladies who stitched the rest of the squares and another did the piecing and quilting.

I tried posting these pictures last week but blooger refused to accept pictures. I'm going to cut this post short even though I do have time to chat but my head is pounding.

Glad you guys liked the quilt squares. Lili, I never looked at the Old Maid's Puzzle as Halloween type. But then again when I picked out the colours I was looking for an Amish style, but looking at it after your comment I can see where you would think of Halloween.

At the moment I'm trying to get the energy and the gumption to finish off some more ornaments. Between needing to try and stay relaxed and fighting with the glue bottle it's making things a bit difficult. Maybe tomorrow if this headache will go away I'll wrestle with the glue and try to get at least one more done.

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What's in my discman: The Clancy Brothers with Lou Killen: Best of the Vanguard Years