Tuesday, January 31, 2006

more quizes

Not much to say. No updates. (the furnace is having a hard time heating the apartment so it's been a bit too cold to stitch) But I did steal this from Vash:
You're an Etch-a-Sketch!! You're the creative,

artsy type who doesn't need to actually

utilize a single muscle group in order to

have fun. Doesn't matter though, you're still


What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
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Friday, January 27, 2006

What should I do with this?

This is by Lynne Nicoletti, called April Showers.

Orginally this was supposed to be my first charity square for OECS. I didn't realize till the red maple leaf came up that it was Canadian. (there wasn't a colour photo of the end result) The OECS is based in England. The question I'm asking all of you is this....Do I still send it over the pond or do I put it aside for some unsuspecting person down the road....

Guard This Keep by Dragon Dreams

I got my goal done, took some effort but did it! Got the membranes of the wings done all that's left there for stitching are the silver veins. Got some more of the border done, can't do too much more at the moment for the twists..started to run out of the green krienik, currently I'm waiting for the new spool to show up in my mail box. A little of the shoulder and the dis-embodied tail has now been connected to the back-ridge of the dragon.

Would've done more tonight, but my throat's all scratchy. Which for me means I've caught a cold. I had a feeling I was going to, it's been going around like crazy at work.

Okay seen this around the boards..here goes my attempt
amanda needs:
Mistress Stash Enhancer : Amanda needs (sorry, couldn't help adding this one)
Amanda needs to be loved
Amanda needs to step up
Amanda needs repair

didn't come up with much. We Amanda's must not need much..either that or we need to speak up and bit more.

I attempted Carol's approach, but it seems that Amanda's don't believe anything either. The closest I got was Amanda Believes. Barbara's didn't work either. Tried Amanda wants, after several other failed attempts and all I got was Amanda wants ABBA in delievery room.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my first attempts. Not bad since I didn't know what I was doing and was going by pictures I've seen on the differant blogs I visit. Dani, I don't think I'll be letting Mrs. Aikman Smith within 2 feet of my Guard this Keep... I'm not really having problems with the pattern so much as not used to working with Rayon so much. Well that and the typical human error. I'd be afraid she'd spot all the problems I've had. Kim, not only do I have Irish bloodlines, I also have scottish. The temperment can get interesting....

Night folks!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Quiz time

Got this from Lili
You are a Random cat! Also known as an alley cat
or a mutt. You aren't given to high-falutin'
ways, but you're accessible and popular.
People love you for who you are, not what you
What breed of cat are you?
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Got this one from Mary
You scored as Hel.





























Which Norse God or Goddess are you most like?
created with QuizFarm.com

Figures I'd get Hel, usually do ;)

You scored as Dracula. You are the smooth sexy cool Dracula. Patient and lustful. If you were any cooler youd be ice. Great style with a way of seducing those around you. And three brides who wouldn't want to be him.



















Deacon Frost


Whose your Vampire personality? (images)
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First Attempts

Here's the first of my attempts I made on Friday. My first fob. Yes I simplified it down to bare minimum, but it was well recieved. I gave this to Gail who is back in her apartment and itching to come back to work. She'd been eyeing my bird sissors for a few years now.....so in guilt I picked up a pair and made this. I was told that she immediatly put her other scissors away and was now using these entirely.
These were given to Betty a co-worker and my floor-mate (we share the same floor at work for cleaning.) She loves birds and especially hummingbirds, gave good memories of watching them with her late husband in their backyard.
First attempt at a needlebook. Horrible and the inside was worse. Luckily she doesn't know what these are supposed to look like and she's pretty easy to please. Suffice to say she loved it.

For those of you wondering why it took even longer for me to put a new post up, or at just starting to realize this. When I got up on Friday morning the lights on the modem were flashing all wrong. DH and I thought that the service was down and thought very little of it. By the time I was ready to come home and called for a ride, there was a busy signal. Not strange to some folks, but call waiting came with the package and I can't get rid of it, so a busy signal is not a good thing. No, I don't have dial-up, but the phone and internet run off the same box. We didn't figure out that it wasn't the service till after they were closed on Saturday and had to wait till Monday to call. I never realized just how much I rely on the internet for things. That and this weekend wasn't good, had to train a newbie, won't say much since it wouldn't be polite lets just say I hope most of it was never really doing the job before and nerves. Trust me it wasn't a pretty sight.
Concert went well, they had changed the line-up a bit which was nice. And a bit strange since we hadn't seen them in almost a year. Good changes. Now I'm going to gush a little. Since DH and I had seen them so much over the last few years we're known by sight and a few even know me by name. It's always nice to be recognized. But some comments caught me by surprise. I dye my hair and re-did it the night before the concert....and low and behold one of the group mentioned that my hair was a bit redder than usual. At least he noticed right?

I tried to stitch my first charity square...horrible encounter, worst in my memory. It's for Operation Elderly Charity Stitchers. Figured it'd be a great way to stitch all my small stuff and not worry too much about what I'm going to do with it. The only thing to watch being the overall space use. I cut out the 7-inch square from 14ct aida, and started the block off. Everything said it would be a 6-inch square. Got the inside backstitching done at work and started the patchwork border when I started running out of room. So much for an easy stitch. I'm not sure exactly where that square is now. I'm not proud of my temper, but that took the cake last night. Too much stress over the 4 day period and I snapped...the square went flying. I'll probably find it next clean up. But then again, I still haven't found the quilt top I made for a friend of mine 5 years ago. And that wasn't done in by anger. I put it away till I could afford the backing material and batting. It's been AWOL since. Like I've stated before, I live in a small apartment, there's not many hiding spots. But it's doing a wonderful job of it.

Anywho, still don't know what happened with the stitching of the square. I may try again on 18ct which is what I actually prefer when it comes to aida. Supposedly according the calculator I use to calculate fabric says on 18ct the pattern should be a 5 by 5. Though I did settle down and started a teddy bear for my first charity square instead. Already it's about half done. I'm just too backlogged in trying to get caught up with everything to take a photo of it.
No work on Guard This Keep. Friday I worked on the birds, needlebook and fob, the training took alot out of me and got me home late and yesterday was just a mess. So hopefully with the teddy being so close and hopefully it looks like things are going back to somewhat normalacy maybe I'll get to sit down with it tomorrow night or the next. Okay, I just looked at the time...Yikes! I know I'm a night owl but I didn't realize it had changed dates.

Take care peeps and thanks Lili for giving me a bit of a nudge to let you know I didn't fall off the edge of the planet, and I haven't died yet. Kim, Wizard of Oz-ish was a very apt name for what I saw. It's not normal for around here, or at least in my experiance. Though Lili's Twilight Zone referance is apt as well. Didn't seem real at all. Thank-you all for the reassurance that GTK isn't boring the daylights out of you. Greg I've seen Dani the stitching Dragon, she's really something. Hope you get to her soon. Haven't seen any progress photos of her anywhere (though I really havent been looking)

Carol, I'm thinking of doing a two week stitch fest between Fairy Flora and Celtic Christmas. May join the Mirabilia Sal with FF whenever I get GTK done. On the way back from the concert we ran through a bit of your town. DH made a remark that I should've had your addie with me and we'd drop in. Didn't think you'd want visitors after 10:30pm. Told him so, but he said you were probably still stiching and would welcome the break. Leave it to him to find a plausible excuse for anything. Barbara, I hope to heaven that he really enjoys Guard this keep. He appreciates anything that's handmade (he already owns one of my medium projects and his mother has 3 small ones) And he also loves dragons. Does the Reiessance Fairs and things when he can. Lana..the whole blogg? Nice to know that someone else has found thier way to the blogg. Thanks for the visit and kind words, hope to see you again. Okay, definatley have to go to bed now, it's almost 1am here. If I missed a question or something, I'm extremly sorry. I'm way out in left field right now. Night folks!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Guard This Keep once again

I would have thought you folks would be sick of Guard This Keep by now. But by some of the comments, you've written, you lot actually seem to enjoy him. Got a little more of the inner border done, the outline of the dragon's head, outer edge of the body and heading up towards the tail. The next time I sit down with him, i'll be doing alot of fill ins. The last two bits of membranes of his wings are high on my list and those will be done till backstitching. Now that little bit coming out from his head is the start of a front leg. I'm avoiding the tree at the moment, it's very boring to stitch.

Thank-you all for the wonderful comments on Souffle. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him yet. Though the little ducky was fun to stitch (once you got past the snowball effect) I'm glad he's finished and I can go on to something else. He'll probably end up in the to be finished off pile till I need him for something. DH thinks it should go into a kiddies frame. Though I'm not going to rush out and buy one when I'm not sure of a recipiant. So time will tell if I use his suggestion.

Amy, I haven't worked on Fairy Flora since either end of September or early October. I'm too lazy to go backtracking in the blog. I went through a bit of a funk when it came to the larger projects. I've only recently gotten back into them. Guard This Keep was supposed to be a Christmas gift for a friend of mine and then for his birthday (which is today), but the long stitching time for the biggies just isn't there yet. I'm working on it. When GTK is done I'm debating on wether I should stick Celtic Christmas or Fairy Flora on the stand and leave it. Before anyone yells at that....if there's nothing on the stand I won't be bothered to go digging. (for the small projects, I have a pile of 6 or so that I work through, keeps me from getting too far ahead of myself.) So for now the current project keeps yelling at me from across the small folding table while I watch tv till I go over and work on it for a little bit, or totally ignore it by heading into the other room and spending time on the computer or reading.

I'm going to a Rockapella concert tonight and We're leaving to do errands and pick up a friend in a little while so there won't be any work on GTK tonight which obviously is why I'm posting it now. Tomorrow night I'm hoping to finish off two things for Gail to try and make her happy for a little bit anyways. Both are first attempts so I'm not going to jinx myself by telling here.

Got a little unnerved last night waiting for my ride home. With the high winds and the rain...it looked quite surreal out there. With the tan-ish sky, lit up from the sun trying to force it's way through, the wind pushing not only the rain, but the puddles and sheets of water on the parking lot. It was almost like stepping into some of the old movies where the screens are rapidly going by. It was quite hypnotic actually....couldn't not stare.

Okay, gotta go and get my butt in gear if I'm going to get through the rest of the day. Have a good one folks! "See" you later.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Souffle Finish!

Okay, folks here is poor ol' Souffle. Looks like he got a bit over rambuncous up on a snowy hill. I've gotten exactly zero work done on Guard This Keep. Hopefully I'll get some done on it tomorrow night even though work is supposed to be quite busy as we have too many rooms and not enough girls. This should get interesting. Though at the moment, I'm more worried about a friend who's also a fellow co-worker, Gail. She took a tumble down a short flight of stairs the other day (back hallway at work) and broke her ankle at that bump and fractured it just below the break. She's stuck at her Uncle's place until she can actually make it up the curved stairway to her apartment. (she wants to badly, but ankle isn't co-operating, but it's for the best, she lives with her sister and nephews and they really don't understand when you're hurting especially in this instance)

The order of what I got is a bit disturbing.....I guess borders are quite gray....
Stole this from Chris:
You scored as Faerie. Faerie: Aren't you a cute little flying person? Faeries are earth spirits. They live among each element completely hidden. They have cousins called Pixies. Pixies however, are very mischevious. They enjoy tormenting other creatures for fun. Little pranksters.. I hope you never meet one. Pixies have a bad reputation for finding a creature and clinging to them until death. Faeries can be somewhat close to a Pixie, but mostly they are loving, playful, and carry with them a child-like enthusiasm for life. Hide among the pedals of a Daisy, you are a Faerie.













What Mythological Creature are you?(Cool Pics!)created with QuizFarm.com

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Souffle!....Well almost

Finally I was able to capture my progress on Souffle. I know Jenn has already done this one and it inspired me to get moving to do one for me. Either I need more tv time or I've been putting this one off a bit too much, all that white and blues are murder!
Okay folks here goes, I've got the right hand border outlined, two upper membranes and some lines. To me it looks like a strange winged creature. The piece thats off to itself a bit...that's just about where the curve of the dragon's head is.

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY! Come again some other day. It's either been raining heavily or it's been threatening all day today. Never knew if you were going to drown or if it would be a safe crossing. Outside the front room all I can hear is raindrops from the eaves hitting the alumium(sp) shelf between my apartment and the one below me. It got quite annoying while I was stitching.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Half Done!

I have now reached a little more than half way! Before I go to bed tonight, I'll be scrolling it up a bit to make room for the bottom half. So take a good look folks, you won't be seeing a full viewing like this till completion.

I tried taking a picture of Soufle but because of all the white it kept bleaching out. So I may have to wait till I get to the poor duck before I can post a picture of him.

First of all let me thank-you all for your wonderful comments. I've been doing better in the headachey department though with my sinus problems it's not going to last long. Barbara, Carol, thanks for the utmost concerns, but I have had respitory(sp) problems since I was a baby,(always during winter) and I've been prone to headaches since I took a pretty bad fall back in Jr.High. And Barbara, I'm also very limited in what I can have for dairy, since it's hard for me to digest. (some things I can to an extent, so I still can have some cheesy type stuff now and then as long as I'm careful on how much of it I eat and how often.) I'm not sure which is worse (not that I can usually tell the differance) sinus problems or enviromental allergies. For the most part they are very similar. Hope everyone else who're having sinus issues are trying thier darndest to kick them in the tar-tar. They deserve it!
Not much has been going on besides the health issues. It's been pretty dull around here, but at least with it being dead at work, we can whine about having too few rooms while we can before the whinning about having too many rooms come spring and summer come up.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

First Finish of 2006!

Actualy, I finished this last night, but blogger wouldn't let me post pics. I was all set to take it off the stretcher bars before I realized the gold hadn't been added. Talk about a downer. Anywho, I've deceided to stitch Soufle as my watch tv and stitch project.

Didn't work on Guard This Keep that much at all. Only got some more of the border outline done and finished up the lettering.

I been really tired lately, and my tension/sinus/borderline migraines (take your pick of combos for any given day/evening) have come back more than usual in a weeks time. Though right now it's just sinus problems. Yes Karen the ones who trashed those rooms will be billed. The general rule of thumb for getting charged is what the management considers trashed compared to general housekeepings. Carol, thanks for pointing out my huge booboo for the sidebar. I began wondering about Dragon dreams, but found out it was also, Celtic Christmas. Bastet is an Egyptian Cat goddess. A human woman with the head of a sandcat. Known as the Eyes of RA and the Avenger(Ra sent her to punish people for him) Protector of cats, pregnant women,home and hearth. The rest can get a bit confussing. So if you want to know more on her just search her and you'll see what I mean. Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragment!
Stole this from Karen....
You scored as Ginny Weasley. You definitely share your mother's (Molly Weasley) fiery resolve and slowly but surely people are learning to respect you because of it.

Ginny Weasley


Ron Weasley


Severus Snape


Remus Lupin


Albus Dumbledore


Lord Voldemort


Harry Potter


Sirius Black


Draco Malfoy


Hermione Granger


Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with QuizFarm.com

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dragons and Robins!

All I have left on this is to finish up the back-stitching! Either I've been watching a lot of tv or this was an easier stitch-up than I thought. Not sure what I'm going to stitch after this one. The debate right now is either Souffle or Vermillion's Fantasy Bear Wizard. (I already have about half of this series stitched up)

Haven't done much on Guard This Keep, though I did manage to finish outlining the letters I have completed. This leaves me one line of wording and one and a half letters for the quote. Now if I can just sit my butt down long enough hopefully in a few days I can get the other half of the border done, finish the quote, and start on the trees behind the dragon's tail.

Jenn I'm glad you figured out my username. Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows who or what she was. Though thanks for the link, I found a few things I didn't know or had forgotten.

I had a wonderful New Year's Eve. Went down with a friend of mine to a local bar called Slainte, (sorry don't know how to put the til-dae(sp?) over the e) to bring in the new year with an irish band (Rakish Paddy)who are also friends of mine. Not too crowded, but not exactly empty (smallish place)I've been a "fan" of Rakish Paddy for a little over 10 years now, so I'm not fond of when they start asking for requests. If no one yells one out, I get singled out to quickly come up with something.

New Years day was a differant beast altogether! The day from H*** we call it. Sundays are bad enough as it is, but adding New Years didn't help matters. I even had the distinction of having the most trashed room in the hotel, beat out the girl who had a room that the guests broke the toilet tank. Horrible day! Today we finally got all the rooms back on market (except the toilet room)from Sunday. Sorry for the partial rant (trust me I could do more) but there are some days that just irk me about my job and most of it has nothing to do with co-workers or management (those tend to be day to day stuff that most if not all places have problems with or what have you) But let's just leave it at... it's probably a good thing I'm not in Public Relations....it wouldn't be pretty.