Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fairy Flora Updated at long last!

This is Morning Wizard a freebie from Dragon Dreams. I really don't have much of the hair and beard done. What you're seeing is an illusion from the white aida and the flash, haven't finished the grey yet let alone started the white.
Carol, as you can see I haven't totally forgotten about Fairy Flora. I was quite surprised after a couple of hours of working on this piece again. Some of the spaces seemed to fill themselves in. I have about a third of a page before I find the bottom. That would make this half done. *crossing fingers* since i'm doing this well, I will stay with her till I get bored again, or I finish the halfway mark.

Thank-you all for your wonderful comments on the final finish of Guard This Keep. It was very well recieved and now has a place of honour just beside the door, so it can be seen each time someone leaves. I've already heard some wonderful comments trickling back from the now owner, from his family who've stopped by.

I'm not trying to ignore you all honest! I've just not felt very socialible lately. Not sure why. Also I've not felt much like stitching, even the small projects I stitch while watching programs. Hopefully the charity patterns I'm waiting on will arrive soon and make me pick up the needle a bit more. I've unoffically taken on finishing the stitching for one of the quilts, and one of the other ladies has kindly looked through her stash and found some patterns that will be perfect.
Hope you all have had a wonderful week and that this one will be just as kind. Night all!

Remember Fairy Flora anyone?

Here's a reminder for the few who've been trying to keep up with my blog from the begininng or at least somewhere near. This is the last update of Fairy Flora that was posted I don't know how long ago. I've taken her out recently and am attempting to get some work done on her. As of now, I can see some major fill ins between this and what's on my frame. No comments will be allowed for this post it's for referance only. I'm hoping to post an update later tonight along with the progress of another small project.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Guard This Keep Framed up

Here is Guard This Keep by Dragon Dreams all nice and home from the framers. This is the first piece that DH or I haven't framed ourselves. I'm quite pleased with how this came out! The recipiant will be getting it tomorrow morning.

Haven't done much stitching lately. The apartment's heating is acting up once again, it's been cold in the front room. That and I've not gotten out of the big piece slump. Thought for sure that finishing this one would help alot. Maybe when it gets warmer.

Thank-you all for your kind wishes and all the hugs. They have ment alot to the both of us. We still haven't gotten word yet on what's happening. I think its the waiting that's bothering me more at the moment. It's almost like putting off the real grieving.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

death in the family

Just a note to let you all know that DH's uncle past away yesterday. We just got word this morning. He'd been ill for awhile now, but the major problem tended to be the dementia. (or at least that's the news we got) DH's mother got to see him back in January when she went to the west coast and now is quite glad she was able to make it out there. Now she's the last of her immediate family(as in siblings, she's the oldest and had to watch her youngest sibling go first then the next.) She's not taking it all too well, though she's putting on a face of being the wall. Don't know yet what's going on, since the body needs to be transported back to Maine from California and no one seems to know about the diggability of the ground. So the actual furneral could be anytime between Saturday and next month. To paraphrase an oldies song.....it never rains in 2006 it pours, man it pours. What next? Nix that....I may be jinxing myself more than usual. Like the ones who have passed on in my family, I wish I could have had an easier time to spend time with him and ask questions. He was in the military during the Korean War. He and my Great Uncle were in Germany about the same time. I had questions concerning rumours that have poured down and to find out a few other things if it wouldn't get him into trouble. But that seems to be my lot in geneolgy...I find questions and before I get around to acting on them....the person is gone. Sorry for the ranting. Normally, a death on DH's side of the family wouldn't have this much of an impact except that he was one of the ones who accepted me into the family after the engagment was annouced even though he was unable to attend the weddding. It was his youngest brother who had been the first. (not counting MIL who is a wonderful lady and keeps telling me that she is so happy that her son found me and is very happy.) And he died one year and one month after the wedding and a couple of days after his first grandchild's christening which had been delayed about 2 years.
We saw this coming just not this soon. May he finally find peace in his final resting place next to his beloved wife.

May the wind be fair and the ocean calm.
May the sky be of the bluest blue and clear.
May the Earth be forever in bloom and free of war and strife.
May the soul be free to wander the world all over and beyond the stars.


Father Winter Attempt 2

Father Winter by Teresa Wentzler. Again, it's hard to get a good shot with alot of whitework. If anyone is thinking of doing this piece......read all the instructions before you buy the materials. I came across DMC numbers that weren't listed in the key, luckily I had them in my stash.

Christmyth Satyr by Dragon Dreams...he's a bit funny looking even without the blur effect.
Basket of Hearts don't know where I got this one.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Father Winter

Okay, Blogger won't accept that I'm attempting to add pictures so.....Here's the link to my webshots page. I think you should be able to find the pictures from there. I'm not arguing with this thing tonight. I'm not in the mood. Won't let blogger ruin a nice day and a good attitude. So sorry folks. Hopefully next time will be better. But I will say I enjoyed stitching Teresa Wentzler's Father Winter. I had some trouble with one of the algerian eyelets, but I'm sure I figured out a cheat that didn't harm the over all look, at least not to my eyes.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Coffee is Magic Finished

I'm having loads of trouble getting a good picture of all this white on white. Given up. This is what you've got. Still not sure what I'm going to put in it yet. I'm thinking of a lavender voltave and maybe a small bundle of forget-me-knots.
Coffee is Magic by Dragon Dreams is complete. The only changes I made to this pattern was the gold metalic. Usually I use krienik, which the design called for but for some reason I saw the HL after the number and didn't read further. I ended up using blending filament instead of the braid. But I think it came out alright just the same.
Sorry it's been a week since my last post. Still trying to get used to the new job and its faster pace enviroment. I was finally given a full section worth of rooms Monday. Went from 8 rooms straight to 12! Wasn't expecting that. At the other hotel this would've been a normal to slow day depending on the season. So to put it bluntly, I was a bit out of breath by the time I got done and was a bit concerned about my timing, which I was told not to let that get to me. I did fine and Angie (headhousekeeper) told me that this is the first time that someone new has done this many rooms in a day for the time span I've been there. She was pleased that I was able to handle that many rooms so soon.
DH wasn't hurt in the accident. Just minor bruising and sore muscles..mostly muscles. The worst damage was to the rear bumper. It's got major issues with cracks running all through it. He'll be taking it in to be evaluated by the claims adjuster next week. It's still drivable. Police said that it may not have cracked if this had been warmer weather, or if our van had been sitting in a nice heated area before it happened.
Not much else to report other than I've been quite tired at night lately and haven't felt like doing much. though I have finished stitching the Needlebook, but haven't had the time or energy to do the final finish on it. Most nights I've been finding myself falling asleep in the computer chair. Not good for the back or the legs for that matter. If I stay in one spot long enough (especially sleeping like that) I can end up with one or both of my cats sleeping on me. And since one is a 20 pounder that's a definate way to not be walking very well when you finally push them to the floor.