Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dragon Con 2011 part 2

Since Blogger won't allow more than 5 pictures, here's the rest of them. Here I am with the lovely Sylvestor McCoy of Doctor Who fame. He portrayed the Doctor's 7th incarnation and was the last that is now labeled under Classic Who. Got a copy of this autographed. ♥
Ghost Hunters Taps team with members: Steve Gonsalves, Amy Bruni, Dave Tango and Bruce Tango.

What I'm listening to: Murderer Mine by Autumn Cannibals

What I'm reading: Catharsis by Jonathan Face

What I'm working on: Nothing crafty at the moment. Got burnt out on Cross-stitchin while going through a funk last year. Been spending most of my time trying to get my health back in order and get the doctors off my back. This years results have been the best in over 5 years. Big improvements, but not quite there yet. Maintaining will be the worst for me. Especially in the winter. I usually try and hibernate with the bears....can't let myself do that any more. Here's hoping....

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Dragon Con 2011

I didn't take hardly any pictures from Dragon Con this year as I have in the past. Actually, the number is dismal. But the Highlights of the weekend was having my yearly picture taken with Voltaire (this year may end up being two, since he's coming to my home town on tour in two weeks!) This was taken after the Pirates, Time Travelers ball. Thanks to the kindness of other fans I was able to get a full photo of us instead of Voltaire taking the photo himself.

Finally got to hear Sapphire Solace live. This is a side project of Velvet Shadow and Rick Joyce (The Last Dance) ConCourse shows can be entertaining, both in concert form and the interplay between the members while they set up. But as with every year I've been, there's no such thing as a show on time at the ConCourse. But as to the ones I went to this year there wasn't one threat of the Fire Marshal....
Loved this band (and lead) for quite awhile now and finally got to see them live (Just missed their previous Dragon Con year) This is Jeff Diehm lead singer of The Last Dance and has a side project called Autumn Cannibals. The rest of the photos I tried to take from the concert didn't come out too well if at all. The flashing lights and the rapid movements of certain band members didn't help. Though I do have one that sorta looks like Jeff was playing Peek a Boo. (One eye and those parts attached located at the bottom right of photo.) Cute, but not something one would normally post on line.....though it probably wouldn't be the first or the last.
Major highlight of the weekend for me was getting my picture taken with Jeff Diehm. Hugs are always welcome! ♥♥ Later on I was able to find a place to get a copy of this and got a last minute signing of it. The signed copy has a prominent position in my front room.
Took this at one of the panels. "Is Goth the new Goth" Only picture I was able to get of any of the members of Bella Morte. Probably could've gotten one after the panel, but since I didn't have anyone with me I was a bit intimidated in asking, so I left quickly after. I really wanted to get a photo from the panel "Gigs from Hell" But I was too far back and reeling from all the "Poo" stories. I work as a hotel housekeeper, I seen just about all, but Andy Deane (Lead for Bella Morte, second from right) had some real doozies. But getting to see Angelina Dupont being toted along with her parents was a treat. (daughter of Cruxshadows lead and founder Rogue and Dancer Jessica)

Spent most of my time at the concerts and the band tables, just couldn't quite time it right to get full band photos, but with some nice merch minders and some patience I was able to get all of The Last Dance's band members to sign my cd. Instead of waiting beside the table for my errant signature, I was invited to sit behind the table with her and chat a bit. Probably minor to some people, but this wasn't my usual luck, grab slight perks when you can.

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