Friday, May 19, 2006


Here's the latest on Fairy Flora by Mirabilia. That stem on the furthest right is technically the bottom border. If you've ever taken a good look at the final picture of this piece, you'll noticed that some of the flowers and her dress overflow the border.
Haven't done much stitching in the past week. Just the little bit of progress on FF. Been trying to work on the 8 Deck the Hall pieces...leave it to me to let it wait to the last moment, and with 4 1/2 done I'm using just about every excuss not to finish them off and time is short. (yes that also is an excuse I'm using on myself.)
I've not been sleeping well and added on to that I'm working a 10 day stretch to be able to take the time off to go to Washington DC for Memorial Weekend. This does not help things. Though last night I slept a bit better than I have the last 4 so there is hope.
Thank-you all for your well wishes for Rachal.
Ooops! Gotta go, a friend of mine is taking me out tonight. Don't know where we're going though and I still need to get a few things together. Sorry that the last few posts have been so depressing.
Love ya!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lynn Nicoletti's Hockey Bear

Here is Lynn Nicoletti's Hockey bear that is one of her freebies. He was a quicker stitch than I though he would be as well.

The funeral for Dave's uncle Earl was a very nice and short catholic office. I was totally lost and had to keep getting clues from other of his relatives and the people from the funeral home. I was raised Baptist, so alot of things were quite foreign to me. If it hadn't been for the torrental rain, it would've been just about perfect for someone who didn't want much fuss done for him. We ended up having an echo performance for the taps. Our first bugler had bailed out and the head of the group said he'd take over if no one else came forward. Well after he got there, another bugler from the group had shown up since he was in the area in case no one showed up, hence the echo effect. It was very lovely and yet haunting. Very fitting for an Army man who was just laid to rest next to his wife. Catching up with the family and meeting some I hadn't before was nice, though more problems in the family have arisin. Luckily I won't have to be involved with any of those and neither will my husband. But this family could use some good news just about now. Please keep Rachal in your prayers or send good vibes her way. She's 38 years old and has massive heart problems. she's in hospital now and the doctor's are doing all they can for her, but things concidered they can't do much for her.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Picture Updates

This little pegasus is waiting patiently for Santa to come and fill up her stocking. She comes from Dragon Dreams Christmyth ornament series. I'm hoping to eventually stitch the whole series.
Here are the last two squares for the OECS Arsenal quilt. I'm currently working on a logo square for this quilt. Luckily the logo has been shrunk recently, so I've started the smaller version. I've a better chance of finishing that one than the bigger one, if it's to get into the quilting pile quicker. The soccer ball was taken from an old pattern book I had stashed away, it looks a bit funky, but I had to take a player out and try to play fill in. DH says it looks like a soccer ball, I say it looks as though it needs an air pump and lots of mending patches.
Here is yet another one of my multiple stitches. I have two of 8 that I'm trying to squeeze in before I go to Washington DC. No biggie if I don't get them all done and finished off. It'll just mean I'll need less for next time I see certian people. This was designed by Vivain Bales.
Here is a little golfer bear designed by Lynn Nicoletti. I left out the word FORE! Didn't like it. But then again, I'm not a golf fan either. Even bears wear horrible clothes when they go golfing. Is it a rule or something? I guess it could be worse. He could be wearing differant plaid designs....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mirabilia is retiring some of the patterns

Here's a list of patterns that Mirabilia is discontinuing...get them while you can

Limited Availability!

The following patterns will be retiring once inventory is completely exhausted!

The Dreamer #8
My Lady's Garden #9
English Roses #14
The Baby Boat #16
Stone Roses #17
Blooming Bride #18
Giggles in the Snow #31
Under the Friendship Tree #32
Le Nouveau Sampler #46
The Seaside Kingdom #51
The Blossom Harvest #60
The Lady of the Flag #62
Fairie Treasures #66
Guardian Angel #72

All six of the Little Stitches will be retiring as well!