Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oops! Missed one...

Above is a piece I finished last week and somehow neglected to add it to the line up. For some reason blogger won't let me type under the Christmyth Giant so I'm putting it here. I put my order in with ABC Stitch for the rest of the krienik for the remaining 4 ornaments in this series. I got most of them, the rest are on back order. Unfortunately I can't work on them since most of what I need to finish even one of them is on the back order list. Figures don't it.

Here is a mini Tall Ship that will be part of a quilt I'm slowly putting together for OECS. All of the pieces from this bit are from a leaflet my DH found in a cross-stitch shop we visited the other week. It was printed in 1981 and is a pain in the rear to read. This Ship took me roughly 3 hours to stitch.

And here's Pooh Bear. Probably wondering where he's put the honey this time. He's also going towards the OECS quilt. (I believe I have 4 going at the moment for them)
An update on Spring Break, though there's really not that much progress. The longest bit there marks where the 3/4 of the page is. So I'm getting there slowly but surely. I've just about finished up the confetti stitches and the rest look like they're going to be a straight shot with maybe a few confetti's here and there, but nothing like it was around the mouth.
Last but not least....I dug out the Pansy alphabet again and did the C. Didn't take long either. Or at least it didn't once I augmented the floss key. The key only shows two colours for the backstitching. But if you look at all the differant coloured Pansies you noticed that there are more colours for it. So either I skipped a page when I did my working copy or they assumed we'd get the hint.

This weekend was a bit disappointing. I was supposed to participate in the Owie Box run again this year but the bit I was in got canceled. It rained just about the whole day. Didn't help that I was staying at a friend's house to make it easier to attend the weekend's events, and hadn't planned on the rain so I hadn't packed properly. Hence I was quite bored. Sunday was Rolling Thunder's first attempt at a Breakfast Buffet. Again it was a bit rainy and just plain grey. We barely made it to the halfway mark to break even. We were looking for at least 100 people we got 48. We'll attempt one again later in hopes that most of the poor turn out was due to the nasty weather. We were highly commented by the people who stopped in. Only had one complainer but you always will get at least one of them. And all it was about was that we didn't have toast or jam. I think the next might include some brunch items after a certian time and have it a bit later. Even though I got home early than usual on a Sunday I had a heck of a time, for some reason my lower back just wouldn't co-opereate with me.

I tried to post this yesterday before someone got anxious with me not posting on Sunday. Well about an hour before I was going to post my server went down around 9:30 or so. The whole thing! (My phone, cable and internet all go through the same company) Went to bed around 11pm and it was still down. but when DH got up this morning everything was running. So tonight I decided I'd better get it done early incase it deceided to pull the same stunt twice.

Currently Stitching: Ariel for OECS

Currently Reading: The Serpent of the Crown by Elizabeth Peters

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Charity Disney Characters

Here's Jasmine, just finished her off tonight.

Here is a ballerina bunnie.
And of course who can forget Eeyore? Staring at a brightly coloured butterfly.

Last but not least Spring Break. I spent alot of time doing pick and stitches, thoughI believe the rest of the stitching community calls them confetti stitches. I've almost done about half the page and in places a bit below. The picture is slowly emerging.

I've had a very bad week between nasty guests and not being able to fully complete a room as I go. Instead I've had to make and put in towels into every single room at the end of the day. Boy is that a killer for a back. Especially one that's on the out's with me. Hope the rest of you had a better week. I'm off the find the Doan's PM.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Wee Cradle for a Wee Baby

Eventually this Wee Cradle by Work Basket (a freebie) will be given to a friend of mine who just had a baby a few weeks ago. And no the baby's name is not Floyd that's the last name. I'm not good at designing my own letters and things so I improvised.And here's the second installment of the Pansy Alphabet. Again no apologies for not ironing first.
And last but not least is an update on Spring Break. I can start to see a picture, but it wasn't till I took this shot that I actually saw it. The tuft of gray on the right is some of the Wolf's sideburns. The lighter bit on the left is part of his muzzle. The bit at the bottom is part of this mouth. If you want to see a completed picture of this piece.. If you scroll down towards the end of the blog I have a somewhat squished version with a progress bar or a little under the Profile box I have a link to my webshots album. It's there under WIPS. If you read this after an hour it's posted it should be there. I've not got it there at the moment but will after this is posted.

Not much else is going on. It being high tourist season and school vacation and such the hotel industry is quite busy. Which wouldn't be too bad in itself if a larger chunck of the guests we recieve actually have manners and a somewhat proper upbringing. And no it's not just this hotel, I've dealt with this sort of thing for the past 10 years now that I've been in the industry. Lord, has it been a decade?! UGH!

My current smalls project is another of Dragon Dream's Christmyth series. I was hoping to have it done by now but ended up going out last night to see Pirates of the Carribean:Dead Man's Chest. Not bad. Though in some parts I'm not sure which was more hilarious....the bits in the movie or the kid two seats down making comments to his father (sitting right next to me) Can't remember which bit but I'm sure he was thinking of the begining when he said it.... "Dad....you will cover my eyes during the scary bits right?" I'd say he was about 6 or 7 but I could be wrong. Got in late to the movie so missed the trailers but in time for the actual movie. But sitting exactly upfront and almost middle.....I thought I was going to be sea sick at times. But it was easier on the neck but not the nether regions.

I know I usually don't mention what I'm reading but I know some of you do. Since I've done a fair share of that recently as well I'll tell. But don't expect any reviews I don't do reports well. The book I just started is Guardian of the Horizon by Elizabeth Peters. I've almost caught up to her recent release so I'm quite happy. Unfortunately I got a bit of a sneak peak about the ending of this book after reading the back of the next trying to remember what the order was. Not happy about this. For those of you who read The Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling. You remember all the rumours that someone everyone loved was going to die? And tryng desperately not to find out before hand (or was I one of the few?) But found out anyway due to sneaky little cretins who posted it all over their profile pages and tops of websites. That's my reaction right now.