Friday, April 28, 2006

Still Alive and Kicking

Looks like I got some of you wondering what's going on with my quietness. I've been a bit busy since my last post between work and the two Rolling Thunder events. Having to change my usual days off to be able to do the events has really messed up my sense of timing, but I wouldn't have missed the events if I could help it.

The Potluck last Saturday seemed to go well, especially since it was a quickly planned and thrown together event. Haven't gotten any news on the final count, but the chapter leaders seem pleased according to emails that were sent out.

Today DH and I went over to Norwich,Vermont, to the military acadamy. They had a ceremony honouring 18 veterans of Normandy. The oldest being 101 years old. Some of the delegates were high brass in the military, adjuncts to the heads of the differant services. All 18 were given medals in honour of thier service at Normanday by a French Ambassador assigned I believe to Massachussets. The medals they were given were the French version of our Congressional Medal of Honor. There was a message from Bob Hope's widow thanking everyone for the invite, wished she could've been there but due to her frail health was unable to attend. Messages from President Bush and the Prime Minister of France (not sure whose in charge of France so I apologize if I got the title wrong) thanking them for their service 62 years ago. The minister's letter read first in French then again in English. Some of these gentlemen started to break down a bit, but most lost it when some of the children and grandchildren of some of the French citazens that had lived through that time thanks to the efforts of these soilders came up with a bunch of flowers for each of them, hugs and a hearty thank-you.

I had a very hard time hearing the ceremony. I wish I could have heard more, not much about WWII was taught when I went to school. The most we learned about was what Hitler had done to the Jews, and that it was up to us to make sure that it didn't happen to anyone ever again. So most of what these guys did, I knew nothing about. There were even 4 POW survivors amoungst those 18. One of them even had his uniform on from his time in the army. That was a sight. They definately don't make uniforms like that anymore. That's up there with the Navy's uniforms from that time and some of the cadets were wearing them for the presenting of colours.

Though I was a bit disappointed with the Rolling Thunder turn out. Unless people weren't wearing thier colours (which you're supposed to when attending events) there was only 1 member from New Hampshire, 4 from Vermont, 1 Massachussets, 5 from Maine. I'll also count the member from Rolling Thunder National (orginal chapter) who had helped put this ceremony into being and one of the groups big wigs.

The ride was long about 3 to 3 1/2 hours one way, with a stop at the Vietnam memorial just inside the Vermont border. It's a very pretty memorial to Vermonts Vietnam vetrans and her fallen. But I believe it was worth it. The veterans from the last war aren't getting any younger and we're losing them fast. to honour these men who volunteered at 19 years old to help free a country and right some wrongs that were being done. That takes courage. If any of you have a relative that's still around from the great war thank them, by taking place in that war and the one before, they helped keep America's way of life alive and going strong. And give them a big hug and pass on my thanks for their sacrifice as well.

I'm too tired right now to try and backtrack the last two posts for questions, so i'll try and do this from memory.... Jenn, I do intend to stitch the Night Wizard, not sure where he is in the line up, but he is there. Lili, I do enjoy stitching Fairy Flora, I just wish I could sit in front of her more than I am. And as for Football, I'm not fond of either version (American or European) It was a case of seeing that it was requested over a year before and nothing done on it. Kim, I know your comment wasn't a question, but you're not missing much of Fairy Flora in the last update. I started at the center and worked my way down. So I got a possible waist and pink poofy stuff with flowers. I think that covers just about everyone.

I've been stitching and have finished two small projects, and about half done my 7th square for the arsenal quilt. That will leave one more plus the logo square which I've been working at on and off for the past two months with not much progress. Too much monotany. I need to get more batteries for the camera, so you'll have to wait for the pics till then.

In two weeks is DH's Uncle's funeral and then just about a week or so later I get another long car trip down to Washington DC for the Rolling Thunder Rally. half the time I'm not sure if I'm coming or going or been and gone.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Football Sqaures

Here are the 5 football patterns I've been working on for OECS. They are so small that I didn't think them worth enough of seperate postings. Well that and this pic will keep the number down I have left on Webshots. The orginal patterns were altered slightly to fit the quilt theme of Arsenal football. From the top L-R I believe is: The save, Dribble, Kick, Champion, Off the Head. Two more squares and this quilt will be done. All I need to do with these is stitch my sig on and post them.

This saturday Rolling Thunder Maine is having its first ever potluck supper at the Sanford VFW this Saturday. I've been able to worm my way out of work to be able to attend and help out as much as I can. I'm hoping it'll go well. Especially since this is also the first fundraiser event for the year. But at $ 5.00 a plate, eat in or take-out. That's not a bad price. Easy feed money for the family.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

morning wizard finished

Yea!!! Morning Wizard is complete! Annemarie you can find this pattern on the sample page. Both Morning Wizard and Night Wizard are under the heading 2004 bonus samples, along with My treasure. I've already put some fabric in the mini scroll frame for a soccer pattern for the OCES requested quilt.
and here is Fairy Flora by Mirabilia again. Yes I have scrolled it up a little since my last posting of her. I had to...the stitching was getting too close to the bottom scroll bar. I belive both of those big roses are complete except for three stitches in the one on the right. That missing stitch in the other is actually going to be green. Strange place for a bit of leaf to show through, but I'm following the pattern.

Thank-you all for the nice comments on June's Care package. I had a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted to put in there and not go too overboard. The stone and the coin were last second additions at the cash register.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Morning Wizard update/Praying for a Cure

This is how I set up the Praying for a Cure package for June.
And here is everything that I gave her. The volaive has a lavender scent. I tried to keep with a purple theme since that's her favorite colour, but some things just wouldn't co-operate with me. I'm pretty sure June doesn't know about tatty teddy, but he's cute so it doesn't really matter beyond that and the thought of course. I included the little booklet with his background story, so that she'd know why he has those stitches on him.
At last update on her condition, she has been given anywhere between 1 month to 6 months to live. But as anyone who has had a loved one with cancer it can be that or longer. But I'm not too sure with her. According to what I can gather the cancer has been spreading for a number of years now.

Here is Morning Wizard by Dragon Dreams. Getting there slowly but surely. My DVR is getting a bit full, so maybe soon I can sit down and watch and get this one done up. After this one's done, I'll be working on the squares for the Arsenal Quilt for the OCES charity group. Hopefully this will keep me motivated.

Did do a little on Fairy Flora but nothing worthy of posting. 2 hours in two weeks or so is pretty bad. But I haven't given up on her and she's still on the floor frame so there's still hope. Other activites have gotten in the way.

Update on Uncle Earl. We got news last night that the funeral will take place next month. We had heard he hadn't wanted a church service only a small graveside one. But the intel from MIL was a church service and a graveside memorial. We're getting hold of the Bugler, and when we know a bit more, see if Rolling Thunder can come and pay respects to him as well. But May is a busy month and they've already been to a few funerals for our local soldiers from Iraq. It would be nice, but not essencial.