Monday, December 31, 2007

Last post before 2008

The much disliked Penguin stocking update. (only disliked because of issues with penguins (inside family joke)). I've almost completed the top half, basically only the spots on the hat and the rest of the sky and the snowflakes. (which look like snowballs to me)
I've found this amongst my WIPs, can't remember when I started it, sometime within the last two years I think. Almost positive I didn't post anything about it, I've put it in my webshots album as well in the hopes that it'll help me get this piece finished.
And last but not least...Grape Gatherer. I've found the right hand side of the piece and the white curving stitches that ends roughly about halfway down the page. Can we say that I'm getting a little tired of all this green? Haven't given up on her yet.

Okay, I'm going to make this somewhat brief since I'm heading out in a little bit for New Year's Eve, not sure where we're going (out with a friend) but I'm sure it'll be fun. I just wanted to try and get some last minute updates posted before the new year. Yes I know I have no new finishes to date, but I did this on purpose. I spent the last week or so working on the the stocking and GG in the small hopes of a major WIP post. I've also spent time sewing up the last seams of quilt blocks both for future quilts and for pillows, stuffing and fighting with little cherub dolls.

Thank-you to all that left comments about the holidays. The feeling and sentiments go back out to all of you. This year has been so hectic that I never ended up sending out my wishes via email, to those who usually get them...I'm so sorry.

Of course I love hearing how much people like my finishes, kudos to those who mentioned.

Wawanna, I'm owned by two cats and one is named Angel, and she's more of one than her brother (who is a big bully) Angelic happens more when their sleeping than awake, they're about senior citizens give or take a year so they sleep alot. Wouldn't give them up for anything.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

First of all here is a very old freebie (2002) by Vermillion Stitchery. A Bombay Cat Angel. It was from her Cat and Puppy Angel series.
The last in the Bear quilt I promised Belinda for OECS. Her name is Lily by Gloria & Pat Inc.
I'm almost afraid and ashamed to be showing this one, but it counts as a completed project. Picked this particular design to "try" (big emphasis on try) to work on my lazy daisy's and french knots. I had more luck with the french knots.
And of course last but not least....Grape Gatherer by Solaria Gallery. Should be able to take another picture soon, if I can get my backside to the floor stand instead of other places. The confetti stitches are driving me up the wall. (and this coming from someone too lazy to go pixel by pixel on her homemade cross-stitch designs from photos ie: Legolas, Rickman and Padawan Obi Wan (no pic available for this one). I've no right to complain, but I am.

Hope everyone will have a safe and Happy Christmas and a wonderful start to the new year. God bless and keep you safe. (or who/whatever you believe in or not)

Hugs to you all.

What I'm reading: The Doom that Came to Sarnath and other stories by H.P. Lovecraft
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Should've been clearer

I should have been a bit more clear on the reason for now washing our squares for OECS. There were four squares that had bled. We have no idea who stitched them (or name was with held not sure) and don't know what type of thread was used. Personally I haven't had any bleeding except if I forget to "set" Weeks, SSS, Caron or some of the others. This was asked to make sure of the blocks before they get sent in.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Grape Gatherer necks forward or is it upright?

Yes folks, I've actually done some more on Grape Gatherer. Not really that much on the second page, but at least now you definitely know that it is a human being. There's a bit of shadowing about her hair and neck, so that will take some time to muck through. Still working on the last of the bear blocks for OECS, just got the head to stitch before I begin the backstitching.
Not much going on as of late. Still trying to get used to the back spasms, but am chalking them up to the cold weather. At work some of us are trying to work on some catch-ups in the rooms. (Some of the cleaning that's hard to do with a constant influx of guests and the desk screaming for rooms)
Question time! There was a slight problem with some squares that were sent to OECS with floss bleeding. I know to soak the fabric in cold water and roll in a towel and dry flat, but what type of cleaning agent should I use? I've never had any of my DMC bleed, but some of the co-ordinators are asking if we could wash them before we send them, so that we know if it's something we used.
What I'm reading: Where White Men Fear to Tread by Russell Means
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Friday, December 07, 2007

Grape Gatherer has reached a milestone

This little cutie is the 7th square for the Teddy Quilt I promised for OECS. It's called March Winds by Gloria & Pat Inc. Just one more to go!
Grape Gatherer by Solaria Gallery has hit a milestone.....One page has been completed! I have started the second page but haven't gotten enough done to make the effort of taking a picture worthwhile yet.

Things have been a bit wacky lately. During winter months my section hardly every gets rented out except on weekends, so I've been floating around to other sections and laundry and just plain floating. Lots of trashed/messy rooms on Sundays, it's getting so that I wonder if it's the front desk that hates me or if it's a conspiracy of the guests.
Today I attended a local ceremony for Pearl Harbor's fallen and her survivors. Other than being cold, both in feet and the metal chairs (I swear they put those out just about sun up and the ceremony was at 1pm). It had a fairly good showing, at least two of the tv stations were there. Rolling Thunder had a contingent of 6 who showed up to lay a wreathe in memory of those who had fallen. Not a bad showing since there had been a ceremony in Sanford (home of Rolling Thunder Maine Chpt2) and most people live down that way. also it being a Friday I'm sure most probably couldn't get off work.
What I'm reading: Where White Men Fear to Tread by Russell Means
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